Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cute New Dress

Happy New Year!

Awhile back I picked up this pattern for $1 and some deep teal crepe fabric that was in the clearance rack that was also 1/2 price... I ended up getting 3 yards of it for $2/yard.
I made view C without the neck ruffle.  I cut out a size 8.  For the armhole and neck facings, I didn't want to waste fabric so I just cut several smaller bias strips the same width and connected them together to get the length that the pattern called for.  This is the first time that I did this and I will definitely be doing it for many other projects... I may even use this method to eliminate the normal facings in other patterns.

I cut the neck about 1/2 higher to be safe.  I ended up trimming about 1/4 of that away... which was a bad idea.   The dress ended up being too low cut.  Next time I will add more and not cut any.  After finishing the neck edge, it seemed to be a bit stretched out.  I will have to be more careful next time.  Because of all that, I have to wear a camisole underneath the dress.
After reading some reviews on Pattern Review, I decided to move the zipper from the side to the center back, which was definitely a good decision.  Since I did that, I would add 1/2 to 1 inch to the center back of all the pieces next time I make this.  I also took the sides in enough to make the bodice a size 6.  Next time I will just cut a size 6 bodice and take in, if needed, from there.  I also think that next time I will shorten the bodice by about an inch.  I ended up hemming the dress with lace, which I love.  I hemmed the dress 2 1/2 inches, which made it end just below my knees
I don't like the dress by itself but when I add either a belt or a cardigan, I really like it:

 Overall, this dress was very easy to put together quickly even with some of the fitting issues.  Now that I figured out exactly what to fix, I can throw this dress together quickly in the future.


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