Friday, March 23, 2012

Two in One

Tonight was my last band concert while at college.  I was playing percussion in both the wind ensemble and symphony band.  In less than a week, I will be having my senior recital!  I just can't wait to find out where I will be interning.

Anyways, on to my outfit.  Today I get to show you two things that I have made.  The skirt is McCall's 6038. The top is the other Colette Sorbetto top that I made over spring break.
I took in the skirt on the sides quite a bit and also tapered the skirt in towards the bottom.  I made view C, but still had to hem it higher since I am short.  The skirt was made from some fabric that I got from the thrift store for $0.25 for about 1 1/2 yards.

Next time I make this skirt, I will extend the slit up about an 1 1/2 more.  I will also change the slit into a vent or an inverted pleat.
The Sorbetto top is actually made from an 90's long sleeve blouse that I picked up from a thrift store for $2 since I knew I could re-purpose it.  I didn't think to take a picture of it until after I had already unpicked most of the seams.  For the sleeves, I made three pleats at the top, which really work well with this type of material.  The neckline is finished with some self-made bias tape.
Fabric: $2.25
Zipper and Thread: $2.50
Overall cost for the skirt and blouse: $4.75

Overall, I really like this outfit.  Both pieces were quick and easy to sew.  Looking at the pictures, I wished that I had put on a black skinny belt. 

I will definitely be making more skirts using this pattern (or another similar one... I need to find out which one is my favorite), particularly a black one and tons of other bright colors... Teal, pink, bright blue, purple, who knows what else.  Any suggestions?

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  1. I love pencil skirts. You did a fantastic job on it, because your outfit looks great!
    Visiting from nifty thrifty sunday.

  2. I read your notes on and decided to check it out here. This has helped me decide that I either need a different pattern or I need to create an inverted pleat. Thanks for your helpful comments. I think it looks very attractive without a belt. Love that you made the whole outfit for less than $5!


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