Friday, April 6, 2012

Pant Suit to Pencil Skirt Refashion

What happens when you go to a garage sale where you can fill a bag for $1?  Lots of clothes to remake.  One thing that I stuffed in that bag was a plum colored pant suit similar to this:

I have been seeing so many colored pencil skirts lately, that I want one in every color!  I wanted to get this skirt finished so quickly that I didn't take any pictures of the process.

I used Butterick 5466 view D, the black and white one, but without the raised waist.  Any skirt pattern with princess seams will work for this.
I ripped each of the seams and darts on the pants so I could get as many pieces from the pant fabric.  I ended up eliminating the center front seam on the skirt... Doing that meant that I could squeeze 5 of the 7 main skirt pieces onto the fabric from the pants.  I used the back of the jacket to get the other 2 main skirt pieces and facings.  I reused the zipper from the original pants for the skirt.  Next time I do this I will definitely take pictures.

I did not follow the pattern directions since this is a pretty straight forward pattern.  I attached the facings prior to sewing the front to the back, this allows for easier alterations later on, if needed. The pattern suggests a centered zipper but I did a lapped zipper with a hook and eye at the top.

Here are some pictures:  Excuse the wrinkles (I did iron it after I made it)

Skirt Front
Skirt Back

Inside Skirt Front
Inside Skirt Back
Inside Hem Detail
I will show you a full outfit post when I have clothes/shoes that go with it... I didn't pack any dressy clothes for the long weekend.  I was able to have a 4 day weekend since my only Thursday class got canceled, and we didn't have classes today due to Good Friday.

So how much did this plum pencil skirt cost? About 15 cents!  That is so much better than others that I've seen for $120.


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